Tips to avoid kitchen clutter

Housewives have to face many problems while working in the kitchen. Here are some special tips to get rid of it-

If the utensils start burning while cooking, then immediately transfer the food to another utensil.  Due to this, the smell of burning in the food will not come.

when food burns

If there is too much salt in the vegetable, add curd, coconut paste or bread to it and mix it with water.  With this the taste of the vegetable will also increase and the salt will also be balanced.

when there is too much salt

If there is a little too much salt, you can balance the taste by adding lemon or desi ghee to the food.

mix desi ghee

If there is more chili in the vegetable, you can reduce its sharpness by adding cream or mawa paste. This will also increase the taste.

when there is too much chili

To store brinjal for a long time, do not let its crown dry out. Wrap a wet cotton cloth on the crown of brinjal.

How to store brinjal

To avoid drying and rotting of green chillies and to use them for a long time, remove their stalks and keep them in a dry place.

how to store green chillies

If you are making dry curry, then make it in an iron pan. This will make the vegetable nutritious and tasty.

Tips for making dry vegetables

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