Easy tips for dry cleaning at home

Dry cleaning costs more than buying clothes. People often give their expensive clothes to dry cleaning only. But, we are going to tell you some such ways by which your clothes will also be clean and will not get spoiled. It means to say that we are telling easy tips to do dry cleaning at home -

To do home dry cleaning, do a patch test by applying water and detergent on the clothes and dry clean it at home only if there is no dress damage.

select clothes

Home dry cleaning kit is easily available in the market. The chemical solution present in it makes the stain of clothes disappear, so that the dress looks clean.

dry cleaning kit

For home dry cleaning, pour salt on the stain of the clothes and scrub with a napkin. Salt scrub will easily remove the stains on the clothes.

scrub the salt

Use liquid laundry detergent for dry clean only. Chemicals can be used for dry wash according to the clothes.

laundry detergent

Use hands to dry clean the clothes. Do not use a brush to clean it.

dry clean by hand

If you are dry cleaning in the washing machine, use cold water only. Doing this will not spoil the clothes.


Do not use a dryer to dry clothes. Instead let them air dry. You can remove the water by wrapping it in a towel.

do not use dryer

If you also want to save money, you can do dry cleaning at home with the help of these tips. If you like the story then like and share. Click here for other information related to fikuri.com.