How to exchange torn old notes

You will also have very old torn notes in your house which cannot be run in the market. Learn how to get their full value.

People mostly try to sell torn notes for half paise, but this method is not correct. You can get the full value of the torn notes.

Do not sell notes for half the money

You may not know, but the Reserve Bank of India has made several rules regarding torn notes which are applicable all over India.

Bank has made many rules

Earlier one had to go the branch of RBI to exchange notes, but now they can be changed in any bank.

Where can old notes be exchanged?

According to RBI rules, no bank official can refuse you to exchange torn notes.

No Officer will refuse 

To change the note, you have to go the main branch of the bank and go there and ask the inquiry that where the note will be changed.

Note can be changed only in the main branch of th bank.

Taped notes, torn notes, mangled notes, burnt notes can be exchanged at the bank.

How can the notes be exchanged?

More than 50% damaged notes will not get full value. Apart from this, if the value of notes is more than 5000 then transaction fee will have to be paid.

Which notes get less value?

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