Take care of your Holy Basil (Tulsi) plant in winter

Tulsi plant has very special significance in Hinduism. During the winter season, the basil plant needs a lot of care, otherwise the plant starts drying up. Drying of Tulsi (basil) plant in Hinduism is considered very inauspicious. Let's know tips to take care of the Tulsi (basil) plant-

Do not add very cold water to Tulsi (basil) during winter. Mix a little lukewarm water and milk and add it. This keeps moisture in the plant. Keep in mind that do not make the mistake of pouring hot water or very cold water.

Do not add cold water

Whenever the manjari of Tulsi starts drying, remove it from the plant and separate it. It is believed that the people of the houses in which the Tulsi  (basil) is dry on the Tulsi  (basil), the people of that house are surrounded by mental diseases. You can keep this Manjari in the purse.

Remove Manjari

To keep Tulsi (basil) green during the winter season, make a light quality around the root of the plant. Do this once a week.

Multiply lightly

To protect your Tulsi (basil) plant from the cold wave, you make it chhunari. This will keep your plant safe.

Blow Chunri

It is necessary to protect the Tulsi (basil) plant from dew falling during the winter season. In such a situation, if you want, you can get a shelter on the plant.

Save from dew

Keep the correct proportion of soil and sand while rolling the Tulsi (basil) plant. By adding too much water to the plant, its roots start to melt.

Correct proportion of soil and sand

In the winter season, you can spray turmeric solution on it to protect your Tulsi (basil) plant from insects. This will keep the plant green.

Turmeric solution

If you also want to keep your Tulsi (basil) plant green during the winter season, then you can try these tips. If you like the story, then like and share. Click for other information like Fikuri.com